OCR Training (6:45 – 8:00am):
Partner workout (both athletes working at the same time)
Two person teams will complete the following for time (50 min time cap):
– 1 mile run with 1 wreck bag (both athletes running, switch wreck bag between runners)
– 100 burpees and 100 wreck bag tosses (one athlete does burpees, one does tosses)
– 100 front squats w/wreck bag and 100 push-ups
– 800m run with 2 wreck bags (runner carries both wreck bags, switch as desired)
– 100 squats w/both wreck bags and 100 pull-ups
– 100 walking lunges w/both wreck bags and 100 sit-ups
– 1 mile run with 2 wreck bags (each runner has a wreck bag)
* Wreck bag weights (50/35#). Exercises amounts are totals for team (both partners reps will add up to the amount; i.e. not 100 each). Teams can switch exercises and split up reps as desired.