1,000/850 Meter Row
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)
9 Bar Muscle-Ups

Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Training (6:45 – 8:00am):
You first do the below exercises rotating through them every two minutes (going for total reps of all the exercises):
Box Jump Overs (24/20″)
Shuttle sprints (10m)
Chin-up holds (every second counts as one rep)
Bike (cals)
DU’s (singles 2:1)
You will then have two minutes to complete a Target Exercise.
Repeat this 5 times for 60 total minutes of work.
Target Exercises and reps => burpees (30), push-ups (50), air squats (100), pull-ups (40), sit-ups (60)
Score is total reps of the 5 exercises over the 5 rounds plus the number of Target Exercises you completed.