Owner and Operator

CrossFit and I were not love at first sight. While I was in the Navy, everyday that I would drive to work, I would drive past Mt. Baker CrossFit and I would see those crazy people running in the snow with what I now know are wallballs. I saw them climb ropes and swing kettlebells and I had no interest in doing that. As CrossFitters usually do, my colleague and friend would not stop talking to me about how I should try CrossFit and that I would love it. I ignored and resisted him until he wore me down and just to appease him I went. I was very nervous, but everyone was so kind and welcoming. I was shown how to do the movements and I was welcomed into their crazy family. Day after day, still full of nerves, I went back. There was something unexplainably magical about CrossFit. I began to believe in myself in ways I never thought possible and watched all the people around me have the same experience. I was in love. Since that moment I have made it my goal to share that feeling with others.

CrossFit Level 1 Certification
CrossFit Level 2 Certification

USAW Level 1 Certification
CrossFit Gymnastics Certification   
Attended Squat Clinic hosted by Juggernaut Strength  
Attended Olympic Lifting clinic hosted by Catalyst Athletics 
Attended Olympic Lifting clinic hosted by Olympians Norik Vardanian and Jenny Arthur
Working on Sports Medicine Masters degree  
CPR and First Aid Certified