As a local Family Physician, I see firsthand the multiple problems leading an unhealthy lifestyle can cause. In 2011, I decided to make a change in my own lifestyle and finally, I can truly say I practice what I preach. After a year of exercising on my own, my wife and I found CrossFit. We have not looked back since. I only wish I would have found CrossFit earlier.

One of my passions is helping our youth. I have two awesome girls of my own. They are a true blessing! I feel we owe our children the opportunity to be healthy. When I learned of CrossFit Kids, I was hooked and excited to help start a program here. I am very blessed to be able to coach kids at The Pack! I love the CrossFit Kids curriculum as it establishes a positive foundation for lifelong fitness. I look forward to years of helping these kids and look forward to watching them grow into outstanding human beings!

Level 1 Certification
Crossfit Kids Certification